Why Does a Divorce Attorney in Indianapolis Suggest an Amicable Divorce?

Why should people consider an amicable divorce? Hiring a divorce attorney indianapolis is mandatory in almost all divorce proceedings. Both spouses must, therefore, consult a lawyer when they have decided to divorce. They can each take a lawyer or opt for a common lawyer.

Procedural aspects

The procedure takes place in 3 steps:

  • You provide the attorney with all the information necessary for the divorce agreement, using a detailed questionnaire, and then send them the required documents for the procedure.
  • Once the documents and information are available to the lawyer, the law firm will then draft a divorce agreement in consultation with both spouses and the other spouse’s lawyer.
  • Each of the lawyers will send the draft divorce agreement to their respective client. After a short legal reflection period, you will make an appointment to sign the agreement. The signed divorce agreement will then be sent to the notary for registration.

What are the advantages of a cordial divorce?

  • Faster: An amicable divorce is faster than argumentative proceedings since it assumes little or no conflict between the spouses.
  • Simpler: The divorce is simplified since both parties do not go before the judge. This procedure also contributes to its speed.
  • Less expensive: Because of its simplicity, the lawyers’ fees are less costly than a quarrelsome procedure. The cost can also be reduced if the spouses choose online proceedings.
  • More intimate: Both spouses do not have to expose the causes of their divorce to the judge, meaning no justification is necessary. They decide together the consequences of their divorce, which leaves them free to limit the need for others during the procedure.

How to choose a lawyer?

A lawyer will accompany you throughout the process: it is essential to choose a reputable attorney to ensure that the divorce proceeds without a hitch. It is also smart to assess your current situation. Is the divorce preventable?

Divorcing your spouse through online proceedings or when one or both parties are not present is possible. If the situation is simple and there is no conflict, it is quite possible to choose a lawyer who can handle the process.