What To Discuss With Destin Divorce Lawyers

In Florida, circumstances that arise in divorce cases define what laws apply. Children and an extensive marital estate require a comprehensive divorce agreement. The terms of the divorce agreement are legally binding once both parties sign the documents. Destin divorce lawyers discuss topics involved in cases with couples.

What is a Simplified Divorce?

A simplified divorce is available when the couple doesn’t own any assets together and don’t have children. The couple hires an attorney who creates a basic divorce agreement, and both parties sign all necessary documents. After the 60-day waiting period, the judge signs a final decree, and the divorce is final.

Is Child Support Required in All Cases?

The law requires the noncustodial parent to pay child support. However, alternative child support plans are possible as long as both parties support the child financially. The couple must provide support according to the court’s calculations for child support. The total number of children produced during the marriage determines how much support is required.

How Do Parents Change Parenting Time?

The court encourages parents to participate in parenting time as ordered. If changes are needed, parents should create an alternative plan. However, if constant changes are requested, either party has the right to approach the court for new parenting time arrangements. A parent may request permanent changes if the disruption in parenting time creates an unhealthy environment for the child.

Are Increases in Child Support or Alimony Allowed?

Yes, the recipient can file a motion through the court for an increase when the parent ordered to pay child support or alimony has an increase in pay. The court reviews the petitioner’s financial needs and determines if the increase is necessary. The court determines how much of an increase is available.

In Florida, what the couple has when filing for a divorce determines if a simplified divorce is possible. Children and a larger marital estate complicates the cases and requires the couple to make hard choices. The court requires an equitable division of assets and defines what assets are considered marital property. Couples who need information about divorce laws contact an attorney and schedule a consultation right now.