Three Features Buyers of Cast Iron Bathtubs Frequently Seek Out

What is old is new again, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Tired of severe, sparse modern and contemporary designs, many homeowners are looking to add more stateliness and time-tested elegance to their bathrooms.

Cast Iron Bathtubs quite often serve as centerpieces for remodeling projects that remake bathrooms in especially satisfying ways. Coming up to speed with the basics is easy enough to do, as well.

The Perfect Vintage Bathtub for Any Home and Owner

Many modern tubs and shower stalls are designed to be retiring and unassuming. Bathtubs made from cast iron were almost always meant to have substantial, striking presences.

That makes cast-iron tubs perfect for many bathroom remodeling projects where the goal is to add some warmth and personality. Some of the kinds of features that most often persuade buyers of such bathtubs include:

  • Claw-style feet. A tub formed from an unbroken piece of cast iron can be set directly on the appropriately prepared floor of a bathroom. A perennially popular alternative is to equip a bathtub with feet that provide it with some separation and elevation. Claw-like tub feet made from strong metal are found attached to many vintage tubs and contemporary recreations. In fact, many people associate tubs based on cast iron specifically with this type of embellishment.
  • Rim-mounted faucets. There are a number of possible ways to supply a bathtub with water. Many tubs made from cast iron are simply installed below taps that are mounted directly to the adjacent wall. Another option is to buy a tub that includes faucets which attach directly to its rim. Most often found centrally located, these types of taps can also be replaced with others, if desired.
  • Double-ended designs. Some large tubs are laid out such that one end naturally serves as the backstop. Others feature roomier designs that can even accommodate a couple of bathers quite comfortably. Double-ended tubs are most often found in master bathrooms, where they can stretch out without trouble.

Many More Options and Features to Consider

Features like these help make particular tubs perfect for homeowners who are interested in cast iron. Vintage tubs made from that material quite often add a great deal of character to bathrooms where they are installed.