The QuinzeCent Condo Project Impresses Many Fans of Downtown Montreal

Montreal’s downtown core has been the scene of many of the city’s most exciting new developments in recent years. Not so long ago largely seen as a bit moribund, the city center has been revitalized and given a distinctive new personality of its own.

Notable real estate developer Kheng Ly has been a central player in this ongoing saga. Over on the FB page of Kheng Ly, posts detailing his QuinzeCent condominium project have been attracting lots of attention.

The Next Stage in Downtown Montreal’s Redevelopment

The successful Brivia Group YUL project of a few years back set the stage for plenty of broadly similar initiatives. YUL’s impressive scale and intense focus on luxury made it especially noteworthy at a time when downtown Montreal was starting to feel a bit sleepy to some.

As the Brivia Group’s head, Kheng Ly was not content to rest on his laurels. Hardly had the second and final phase at YUL sold out before he was preparing to break ground on an equally ambitious new project. Named QuinzeCent in a stylized French homage to its official street address, the condominium development was making headlines from the start.

A New Condominium Complex Opens to Rave Reviews

Like YUL, QuinzeCent makes no apologies about putting luxury on a pedestal. All of the project’s features have been crafted to enable an undeniably luxurious overall effect. Some of the highlights for many QuinzeCent fans include its:

  • Common areas. People who opt to live in downtown Montreal tend to prize feelings of community and connectedness. QuinzeCent is rich with luxuriously appointed common areas that aim to make residents feel at home outside of their own units. From the elegant lobby to the several rooftop terraces, these spaces combine to add a truly special new dimension to the project’s character.
  • Penthouses. Luxurious living takes many forms, with some being more dramatic than others. Pictures of QuinzeCent’s penthouse units have quickly become favorites of Facebook users looking for impressive residential shots.

In addition to being another successful project for a well known developer, QuinzeCent has made a strong contribution to the evolving character of downtown Montreal. Few doubt that plenty of other exciting surprises are in store.