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The World Top 10 Best Dive Location

Big number of people like scuba diving when they go for a holiday trip. In case you want to be one of the divers or you are a diving expert you might have the challenge of choosing the best place to go for diving. There are many places that you can consider for diving in which makes the choice for the right diving place a hectic task. Here are some of the places that you can consider when you are searching for the diving areas.

The Sipadan Island, and Bar of Malaysia are some of the areas that you can think of when you think of scuba diving. If you would like to have your scuba diving experience with sharks or barracuda then this is the best place for you. More to sharks you will come across several types of fish and turtles. Many people travel to this area during their vacation which can be a threat to the security of your items.

The following diving site is Australia. In Australia you will visit an area called Yongala that is the remains of the 1911 coast of Queensland. Here you will see underwater creatures such as Sea snakes, Different types of fish, Octopi, manta rays, sharks and also coal.

Also think of the Kona and Ma in Hawaii to be among the best diving locations. In this site you will enjoy participating in the Manta ray experience.

Ric in Thailand is also a good place that you can put into consideration. You should not fail to visit this area because the Richelieu Rock will allow you to spot manta rays, see different fish, watch sharks and other fun creatures. A few dives may not give you the best results.

Gili Islands, Indonesia is also in this list. This is the most affordable diving site for many people with an incredible diving adventure.

Also, Boracay, Philippines is the right place to visit. Here, you will experience sparkling picturesque beaches and also eels, clownfish, and massive reef systems. Additionally, this location will not frustrate you if you are an expert diver.

The Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is also to be counted in. In this location you will be able to see dolphins, turtles, and many more attractive creatures. Also consider this site for wrecking.

We still have Gre, Belize as an option for you. The Gre is in the list of world best scuba diving site. More to diving you will interact with sharks, fish, coral reefs, octopi and tuna.

The other place that you can choose is the This in the Egyptian Red Sea. If you want you to see the large British vessel that sunk in 1941 when it was attacked carrying war supplies then this is your destination.

Lastly but not the list you should consider Blu and Palau in Micronesia. In this diving site, you will see many different creatures that will give you a long lasting experience.