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Importance Of Windows 10

Windows 7 is rapidly coming to an end, and many people, therefore, have started switching their windows 7 to a much newer version in order to avoid association of security issues. The reasons for improving to windows 10 from any other windows is as a result of the benefits that it has over other windows and operating systems. Windows 10 has very great features especially after it was updated to the latest version and some of the features are included here. The fact that other windows users and other operating systems users type their passwords when they want to use their passwords is very time wasting as windows 10 has the feature of quick login.

The quick login is facilitated by the windows hello that helps one sign in their computer with just a fingerprint, face or iris. Windows 10 and Windows 8 have almost similar interface, therefore, making it easy for their users to navigate through them with much ease. Knowing how to navigate one’s way through a device with another window is very difficult but this is usually not the case when using the windows 10 on any laptop, PC or touchscreen device that the user wants to use. Voice commands and typed commands are some of the types of commands that the Cortana uses to help the user navigates his or her ways through the windows 10.

Cortana keeps the user updated with trending news and also helps him or her with the appointments and also track packages among other things. Browsing has been for other browsers until recently when the windows 10 introduced a browser called Microsoft edge that helps the users to browse without installing other browsers. The Microsoft edge browser also has some features that other browsers do not have such as blocking some annoying ads that the user does not want to see when browsing.

The start menu of the windows 10 is composed of a touch-friendly tiles that make navigating of one’s computer a breeze, therefore, making windows 10 preferred windows to be used by almost everyone. websites and apps that are not safe for a computer need to be kept away from the computer and this is efficiently done by the windows defender that comes with windows 10 updated. Final thoughts of the windows 10 is that it is user friendly and also has most of the features that every user could need. When buying a laptop, it is important to see If they have pre-installed windows 10 if not one can install it as computers are really safe and work at peak performance when they have windows 10.