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Get Better Organization Results with WorkBoard

The use of software that you can trust is vital to running your business in this day and age. If you want more results from your organization, then you should consider getting WorkBoard. WorkBoard is a comprehensive application that help organizations plan strategically, promote collaboration and teamwork, and keep track of employee performance and goals. The application comes in the form of service software with native apps across devices with various operating systems.

WorkBoard offers a business velocity platform where employees create their own OKRs or Objectives and Key Results, follow them, and connect them to the business plan of the company. Managers use this software to check the progress of every employee goal created using data visualization tools like charts and bar graphs. They then check the relationship of these goals toe the strategies of the organization. Because the application can monitor the speed of work and current course of each employee, it becomes easier to predict whether or not the employee can meet their goals.

With WorkBoard, there is encouragement of leadership and promotion of openness because employees are not held from seeing the assignments and work their fellow employees. The application takes note of the accomplishments of each employee with the help of weekly status reports. For each OKR, business leaders can review how they are completed in percentage values through a business running page. Leaders can go and check the progress of each project that the company is running. You will see a hot box in the page that flags the risks of accomplishing the key performance indicators.

Managers enjoy the automation of reports the application does. All data from various levels and functions is rolled up in one, and you will find a display of results on certain tasks and goals. It comes with a continuous performance management feature that allows managers and employees to make frequent discussion, feedback, and coaching. Managers can simply check their team page and click on the names of the employees to check their projects, their respective status, and due dates. Managers can show recognition for their employees by sending them a trophy symbol or some badges.

WorkBoard seamlessly integrates with a range of popular work-based applications like Google Calendar, Slack, Jira, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce. You can also integrate the app with human resource management software to receive reporting and organization structures and titles and responsibilities and roles of employees.

Through WorkBoard, business goals are a key priority along with their related facts, objectives, and results. The application is very seamless and benefits a lot of organizations. If you are working with a team or company where you want to align, communicate, and meet your business goals with the goals of each employee, then this software is for you. Many companies achieved success as an organization with the use of WorkBoard.

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