Laser Uses: From Practical to Phenominal

Back in the mid-1900s, some ingenious souls decided using stimulated radiation emissions to amplify light might be practical in certain situations. Before long, their theories proved accurate and the laser was born. Back then, hopes were high for this newly developed apparatus, from defense against malicious beings in outer space to making precision cuts in particularly tricky materials. Though the former hasn’t exactly come to fruition just yet, the latter certainly has; at the same time, numerous other practical applications have been found for lasers.

Common Uses for Lasers

Plenty of images could come to mind when thinking of lasers. Some of the most common might be vibrant colors and highly detailed designs within glass blocks. These are certainly among the uses for this decades-old invention, but numerous others have arisen as well.


Tricky materials could apply to a wide range of media but perhaps none so accurately as the human body. Laser scalpels are now widely used in extremely delicate medical procedures, such as eye surgeries, anti-aging treatments and blood vessel repairs to name a few. Their versatile and precise nature make them perfect tools for the operating room and other clinical settings.


Lasers are widely used in the entertainment world. When combined with mirrors, vibrations, music, and other elements, they’re capable of putting on quite a show. Brilliant colors, detailed images, and impressive animations are only a few of their attributes in this regard.

From another angle of this arena, lasers are also components in entertainment-oriented devices. CDs, DVDs, and BluRays may be on their way out the door at this point but, without lasers, they might’ve never existed at all. Lasers are additionally used in fiber optics and various types of communication.


Home-based laser machines are taking crafting to an entirely new level. They make working with wood, glass, acrylic, and metal much simpler and more detailed than it would be otherwise. Carving and leather tooling are also part of the mix.

BOSS lasers ratings may not cover interstellar defense, but they do apply to many other areas of the field. Lasers are now used in a wide range of applications from practical and mundane to exciting and nearly unbelievable. No doubt the future will hold even more far-reaching possibilities.