International Cooperation On Canadian building Projects

International cooperation on Canadian building projects has benefited Canadians and the Chinese nationals living in Canada. This led to a Business Excellence Award being Awarded to Kheng Ly and his company Brevia Management. Canadian and international building contractors are changing the face of many Canadian cities, improving life for Canadians and everyone living in Canada. One such cooperative project is called the YUL project. When carefully monitored and controlled, investment by foreign companies and governments can be a benefit to all.

What Is The YUL Project?

This project is a large residential construction project under construction at this time. It is one of the largest projects in Montreal and will contain two thirty-eight story towers containing over 800 condos and, in addition, there will be seventeen high-quality townhouses. This project is being built in two phases. The project financing and management will be a cooperation between Brevia Group Inc. and Gansu Tianging Real Estate Group from the People’s Republic of China. This may signal more cooperative projects between China and Canada.

What is The Brivia Group?

This is a real estate development group founded in 2002 in Montreal by Kheng Ly, a Canadian business entrepreneur with a Chinese background. This award-winning real estate development and management company aims to play an innovative roll in encouraging bilateral real estate and business cooperation between Canada and China. Their building projects and community service projects integrate Chinese culture and language with Canadian culture. They sponsor projects for social causes such as health care, cultural awareness, and education.

Are There Other Projects?

There is a development located in Lac-Beauport Clos to both summer and winter sports and activities while enjoying beautiful views in a natural setting of the lake country. The Quinzecent Condominiums Montreal are nestled into the natural landscape giving residents great views and nearby golfing, skating, trail hiking, and boating opportunities. Winter skiing can be had at 29 trails and three snow parks at the Le Relais ski center. Lake Beauport has a three-kilometer skating rink maintained by the local municipality each winter. There are also locations nearby for inner tube sliding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.