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How to Choose the Right Boat Propeller for Your Boat

Going in for the purchase of a boat propeller, one thing that you should ensure that you have gotten right from the beginning is the intended use of the boat. And when it comes to these, some of the things that you should bear in mind are issues such as the load, the average boating speed and the boating location.

Should it so be that you intend to make use of the boat for various applications, then you may want to consider switching props. Note the fact that the propeller choice will generally have an impact on your engine’s RPM and as such will affect its performance. It would be generally advisable as such to go for a propeller that would put the engine RPM at the midpoint or better still higher of the wide open throttle range with a normal load. You should give thought to this operating range as this is what will translate to the maximum horsepower available from your outboard. For more on the operating range, refer to your operators’ manual coming with your boat.

Having established the operating range, you can now get to the propeller guide for the boat engine so as to get the guide to picking a combination of pitch, the blade number and the material.

Talking of the prop materials, these are known to basically come made of two main materials and these are the stainless steel props and the ones made of aluminum. Fundamentally, the material with which the prop is made is one of the things that you would be advised to take into serious consideration as you settle for a boat propeller. Generally, the props made of aluminum make for a good deal when you consider cost, performance and durability. This said and done, you should note the fact that the stainless steel propellers, being made of stainless steel that is known to be a lot more stronger than aluminum, happens to be a far better deal when you look at them from the angles of improved performance and durability. The reason for this is considering the fact that the props made of stainless steel will offer you better acceleration and as well are less likely to suffer damage as a result of the objects that may in the water striking against it. Given this fact, it is a fact as well that the stainless steel propellers will last for more years than the ones made of aluminum.

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Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Repairs