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A Guide for Accessing the Internet Traveling the World

A study done indicates that we now have more than 4.2 billion people from different parts of the world that use the internet which is about 55.1 percent of the world’s populace. Although that should make internet access everywhere easy, it is not. It can be hard to access the internet in less developed countries which can be unreliable. Your trip may not be as fun as you would have wished if you cannot get proper internet connection. That can be even worse for the 70 percent of people that work once a week at the least. The fortunate news is that you can have internet access while traveling through various means and the article will guide you on them. Read through the guide below and get rid of the worry of feeling like you are in an island with no contact with the outside world.
You can get rid of the stress and worries by renting a pocket WiFi before taking your flight to your desired destination. Do not wait till last minute when you are about to travel, to book one because the chances are that you will not get any since they sell out quickly in the peak seasons. PocketWiFis are a darling to every single traveler that is because they less costly than roaming. Perhaps the one thing that makes them quite a good option to travelers is their portability, meaning that they can be carried around as you move and get internet going. Connection is not limited to one device, you and your loved ones or squad can stay connected which is a plus. Another convenience about the devices is that after renting, you can pick it up at the airport when taking the light. There are providers that also offer to make deliveries to your hotel or the place of accommodation while touring. After your stay is over and you planning to leave, getting them back to the providers is not a problem since there are airport booths that you can drop the devices off.
You also have the option of free tourist’s SIM cards which some countries offer like the Philippines. You can get them in their airports once you are over with immigration and customs. Some airlines can provide a voucher for this gift, and you can exchange it for the SIM card after you have landed. You will not be needed to pay anything for the 3G/4G/LTE internet while traveling.
Not every destination you travel to will offer free traveler’s SIMs, but that should not be a problem since it is easy buying the roaming SIMs at the airport. To some extent the data roaming SIM cards are the same to the free tourist SIMS the difference is in the data plans; the data plans are better in the roaming SIMs.