How The Police Deal With Hit And Run Accidents And What To Do If Involved In One

Unfortunately, car accidents occur on a daily basis. Some can be major while others are minor. There are even situations where an accident occurs and the other driver leaves the scene. This is referred to as a hit and run. This is a scary situation because information is not readily available as to what happened.

The person that caused the accident left the scene and police will have to put the pieces together. Hit and runs often involve destruction to a car that is parked or hitting a pedestrian with the vehicle. Below is a closer look at the aftermath and how the police deal with hit and run accidents.

How Police Conduct An Investigation

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. There are a number of different tactics the police will use to gather information to determine exactly what happened. First, the officer can speak to people that were there at the time of the accident. More often than not, someone saw something and could provide a lead for the officers to follow. Second, the responding officer can see if there are any surveillance cameras set up for business or residential purposes. Finally, the police may post information on social media in order to reach as many people as they can to gather information regarding the accident.

What The Person Involved In The Accident Should Do

A hit and run accident is a traumatic experience for the victim. However, it is important to know what to do in that type of situation. First, remaining calm is key. This will help the person make the decisions they need to, such as moving out of traffic so they are safe. Second, call the police and request an ambulance if needed. The police officers will take a statement and include any and all details possible. Finally, take notes and pictures of the scene.

In such situations, hiring a lawyer is advised. They will also fight for your rights and make sure the correct compensation is granted. A car accident can have negative effects on a person’s finances, but a settlement can help cover those expenses.