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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Build a Website
Building a website for the first time might be quite a challenge for a beginner given that he or she does not know where to commence from. The process of creating a website is simple gives that an individual gets to follow certain steps that will help from the start until the end. It is necessary for an individual to factor in the steps below for them to build an efficient website.
Choosing the domain name of the site is the first step that an individual has to consider. Choosing a not existent domain name is advisable for an individual. For an individual to choose a unique domain name, then they will need to check on the domain purchasing site. The best domain name would be that which perfectly identifies with the brand or business. The best name that one has to settle for is that which is not too complex. After getting a memorable name, then selecting a host is the next step. The best one that they should consider is that which allows the site to load quickly and is reliable. There is the need for one to know that there are many hosting types that they can select. VPN hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting are among which an individual select from. It is also relevant for an individual to choose a platform. It is necessary for an individual to know that there are many platforms. Given that one is new in building a website, then it is important that they consider a platform such as the Squarespace as they can use with assistance of Means-of-Production.
Tweaking is the next step that an individual has to consider. Here is where an individual can add more content as well as make navigation easy. Given that the website is for business purposes, then an individual need to add a home page, service pages, an about page as well as a contact page. Making the website mobile friendly is also a significant hint that one has to consider. It is the mandate of one to test the website before deciding to launch it. After the test, then it when an individual can move to the next step. Publishing the website comes after one has done the test. One is now able to share it with friends, family members as well as social media followers that the website is live. Creating a sitemap on the website is also essential as it will be possible for search engines to send more visitors to the site.
Lastly, maintaining the website is relevant. It is important for an individual to, therefore, tweak the website frequently and also incorporate SEO tactics. Signing up to Google Search Console is one of the ways that an individual can monitor their site to see if there are any problems.