A Simple Plan:

What You Need to Know for Greater Health in Old Age
Keeping up with the muscle tone and maintaining a good balanced diet as one gets older is very important. The body usually requires all the types of food and nutrients that the body needs as it grows older. Achieving this is not as hard now because there are a few known ways that you can do this. See below some effective nutritional ways for better health in old age.
Sodium intake has to limited. The body does require sodium if it will function properly, this is a fact. However moderation is necessary because too much salt results in quite a large list of issues including heart problems while too little sodium in your body will impede nerve function and muscle contraction. You will need to keep off pre-packaged meals, processed cheese and meats, ketchup, and even soy sauce as all these do have a high level of sodium in them. Use the nutritional labels to provide you with more info.
Avoid added sugars completely. Things like pre-packaged meals and the processed foods contain a high amount of added sugars. Instead of stocking up on such meals, get the whole fruits and vegetables. They do help in digestion because they are full in fiber. Reduce your sugar intake to less than 50 grams each day. Be on the look-out for a lot more info.
It is also important to increase the amount of proteins in your diet. Proteins help the cells repair themselves faster which makes the immune system work better. Take more plain meats as they have a higher protein content. Add more seeds, nuts, eggs, and beans to the diet. Be on the look-out for more info.
The body needs a lot more fiber as it ages. Get more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables added to your diet. See if you can get as many different types of fruit as possible because each one has a different set of nutrients and vitamins. First gather a lot more info.
Hydration is also key to the body as it gets older, this means that you shall have to increase the water and liquids intake. By the time you feel thirsty, your body could already be dehydrated because as the body ages, so does the ability to sense thirst. Work on having at least 64 ounces of fluid in you each day. Pay attention to foods that have high water content as well. There are also many liquid nutritional supplements for the elderly people that you can incorporate in your diet. Try to learn more about water succulent additives that you can add to your diet as there is a lot of info.