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The Various Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Maintaining proper oral hygiene allows you to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Your teeth appearance might, however, suffer from a number of things. Such things that will lower the good appearance of your teeth include chipped, discolored, stained, broken, gaps, and misaligned teeth. However, you can enhance your teeth appearance through cosmetic dentistry. This results in an improved smile appearance

Through cosmetic procedures, your cosmetic dentist will be able to improve your smile appearance. A professional cosmetic dentist Raleigh NC works with you to come up with the right treatment plan depending on your situation. Cosmetic dentistry usually focuses on improving the appearance of your smile, mouth, and teeth. Normally, the cosmetic procedures are for enhancing appearance. With some cosmetic procedures, you can enjoy restorative benefits as well.

To improve the appearance of your smile, however, your cosmetic dentist will recommend a treatment procedure depending on your situation Some of the cosmetic procedures include the following.

1. Teeth whitening procedure.

The procedure is one of the simplest and less expensive smile enhancement procedure. This procedure is usually recommended to those with discolored and stained teeth. The procedure involves bleaching your teeth and can be done in your dentist office.

2. Composite bonding.

This involves a tooth-colored resin made of durable plastic material. This material is usually applied to the tooth and hardened with laser light for bonding the material to the tooth. It is then shaped, trimmed, and polished. Dental bonding is normally used for repairing decayed, misshapen, cracked, and chipped teeth.

3. Dental implants.

This procedure uses titanium tooth root to replace the missing tooth. Your dentist will then mount an artificial tooth on titanium tooth root. Dental implants are used for replacing a missing tooth.

4. Clear aligners.

For people with misaligned or crooked teeth, orthodontics become very important in correcting such misalignment. Such crooked teeth are unsightly and would be difficult to maintain teeth hygiene. Invisalign is, however, great in correcting such misaligned teeth. The good thing about Invisalign is that they are removable, clear aligners that are custom made for every patient. Since the trays are transparent, they are almost invisible.

Your cosmetic dentist will recommend a cosmetic procedure based on your situation. The main purpose is to boost your smile appearance. Your smile is enhanced and you look healthier.

You receive a boost on your self-confidence. When your appearance is enhanced, your self-confidence will be boosted. You will not shy from social settings or hide your smile. You also develop and self-worth feeling which would impact your career.

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