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Some of the Things That Are a Must-Do When Visiting Northern California

More than 268 million go to California every year. Not all of them visit with trying to pursue a career as a Hollywood actor. Your fun is not limited to evenings and vines only, there are other places in California where you can visit. If you are after the adrenaline rush you can live in the wilds and embrace a ghostly and eerie history. You do not have to worry about struggling to find adventures that suit your experience, and there is an adventure for each person.
If you are a snowboarding enthusiast, you will love it at Lake Tahoe. That is not all, you can visit the sprawling forests and biota, spectacular settings in between the protruding mountain cliffs and other hotels near yosemite. Lake Tahoe offers you the opportunity to ski, snowboard or go tubing on the famed winter sporting hills. It would be a nice idea to visit the Squaw Valley Resort that will offer the opportunity to have an Olympic like experience while gliding on the snowy slopes. Not everybody likes traveling in winter areas, but still, you can come in the summer where you can engage in jet skiing, kayaking, or any other water event of your choice.
If you like history or monuments you can visit Alcatraz that will only take a few minutes on a ferry. There you will be free to walk into the historical reformatory center that was once a home to very notorious criminals. You come across people who claim that the convict’s spirits still dwell in the cells of the prison. It would be a thrilling experience if you would go on Alcatraz night tours; and have a spooky and adrenaline sparkling experience. The site will be spooky considering that the crowds will be reduced, the lights dimmer – a more ghost-like presence.
Additionally, you can have a wonderful experience on the American River. The famous river that has its source in the Sierra Nevada Mountains includes three focal forks, where every one of them has a particular outlook and water temperament. You can go to the South Fork and try out rafting, the water will be smoother and less aggressive than in others; a suitable spot for beginners. However, you can go out rafting on the North and Middle forks of the river for more adrenaline. Areas in between the forks are only accessible for experienced and pro rafters who know how to maneuver. Acquire experience and test out the large waves with a professional.
The options available are endless you can also go for outdoor activities like hikes by visiting and even camping at Yosemite park. You have the choice of booking hotels near the place or come packed with a camping tent.