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Choosing a Photographer for Your Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy photo shoots are best done around six to eight weeks prior to a woman’s due date, which means there’s nearly no room for mistakes if you don’t like the finished product or if the photographer wants a re-shoot for whatever reason. It can’t be stressed enough how crucial it is to choose a photographer with care.

The following are tips to help you find the right photographer for your pregnancy shoot:

Finding Prospects

Start by gathering names and reviewing their online portfolios. Trust yourself on this -if you love what you see, call that photographer. If you found this person without a recommendation from someone who has hired them before, ask for at least two client references.


Find someone with extensive experience or, even better, a specialist in pregnancy photography. You’ll want an expert in photographing the pregnant female form in all the best angles.


Always ask what’s included the session when you inquire about pricing, especially if your budget is restricted. And see whether you have to pay for printed pictures separately.

Image Editing

Looking at tons of images of yourself pregnant can be overwhelming. The photographer should be able to help you with this and make suggestions for editing. Also find out if they will do the editing themselves, or if someone else is in charge.

Film versus Digital

If you love the convenience of digital images but aren’t prepared to let go of your prints, find out if the photographer even does them (some don’t). As you may know, printed photos are pricier because of the need for film and a more laborious process, but the results are worth the additional cost.

Getting Ready

Ask the photographer what preparations are needed for the session. A good photographer will be able to offer a few practical tips – for example, wearing something that is both comfortable and attractive. When you feel great during the shoot, your pictures will likely look as fab.

The Photographer

If you’re dealing with the studio manager, make sure to meet the photographer personally as well in order to get a sense of their personality. Beautiful photos don’t stop at art. Just like your outfits, the person you work with should make you feel at ease because this will certainly affect the outcome of your pictures as well.


Finally, don’t forget to ask the photographer what happens to your images when your transaction is over. Although not crucial, you’ll want them to store your digital files and negatives long after you get your photos, just in case you want copies in the not so near future.

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