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Deep Songs You Need on Your Playlist.

Many people give hip-hop a bad reputation with claims that it is lacking in substance. Even so, this should not be taken to be true. There are hip-hop songs that will touch your soul. It is not easy to deal with all the things happening in the outside world all the time which is why you need music, and it can also help you work through different pains. Thus, you should not be surprised when some people claim music to be a universal language.

If you are wondering the hip-hop songs to listen to at different times, these songs are where to start. “Mocking Bird”-Eminem is worth listening to. Eminem addresses emotional issues in his songs most of the time. He is loved because of his talent in expressing feelings in a way that most people are not able to say out loud. This beautiful song is an apology to his daughter for the things her mother and he have done wrong in raising her. It is relatable to anyone who has let someone they care for down before.

Don’t forget to listen to “I feel like dying”-Lil Wayne. One of the best rappers to walk the earth is Lil Wayne. “I feel like dying” will not disappoint. If you have grown up in a situation where it is all about a stream of drugs, extended stays or even sadness then you will find this song inspiring. The song does not only make you feel lost but also pulls you in.

The other song to add to the list is “The Drugs Don’t Work”- The Verve. It is not considered to be rap or a hip-hop song but it will arouse deep feelings in you too. Richard Ashcroft is the lead singer and he drew inspiration to write this song from the final moments of his father’s life. He was writing it at his bedside. It was a time of great grief and you will experience this as you listen to the song.

Actually, your body will be affected physically by this song. If you monitor your breathing and heartbeat while listening to this song you will see them slow down. It brings out great sadness on the part of the singer. “Gin and Juice”-Snoop Dogg should be on your favorite playlist as well. You will find yourself feeling a type of a way while listening to this but you will not be sad. It is the kind of a song you want to listen to while chilling with your favorite people.

It draws back to the time when things were simple and the only worry you had was keeping the house clean and having a good time.

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